Fic for blue_requiem

Title: Everything Starts as Somebody's Daydream
Summary/Subject matter: Harry joins the Weasley's for Bill's wedding and one of the twins' products shows him something that surprises him.
Pairing(s): Harry/Ron
Rating: NC-17
Link or LJ cut: Everything Starts as Somebody's Daydream
Notes: blue_requiem - I'm so stupid! I wrote this for you! I don't know why I never posted it here!! I'm such an airhead sometimes! Hope you still ♥ me! I know you already read it! So, I promise you'll get another one!


Okay, I'm like, the worst mod in the history of mods. I'm sorry! Anyway. Second wave hath endeth, and you can find all the entries HERE, in the spanking Second Wave Memories list.

I'm going through the list to check that everyone's submitted their stuff and got their fic/art in return. If I've made a mistake, leave a note here. By the way, I'll be working on setting Hippogryffs on the offending parties, so if you're guilty, either post soon, or at least leave a note to say when it'll be done. Courtesy, people. Seriously. I dont want to be a bitch to you guys.

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endaemion (Art for sethkyne_blue)
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skmarrama (for rowanbrierbrook)
skyeathena and eiranea (I suppose if both of you dont participate, its even.)
alazysod (for momebie)
clocktowerkiss (for jennuine)

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endaemion (for kellingham)
bzzinglikeneon (for elvenphoenix)
young!pups by raelala

FIC for sandrainthesun

Title: Mapping the Way
Summary: It was an idea that shouldn't have worked.
Pairing(s): None. Completely gen
Rating: g/PG
Author's Notes: Sorry it's so late. I'm a bad person. I really couldn't get a grip on Ron who was your main character in your request.

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h/hr time

Fic for Skmarrama

A thousand apologies for being late. I was away at camp.

Title:Clear Futures
Summary/Subject matter:: Sirius, James, and Lily, from L/J's wedding to Harry's birth.
Pairing(s)::Lily/James, Sirus/OC


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Done + DONE! Art for mackittenx

Title: Moment of Silence II
Summary/Subject matter: The topic was pretty broad - R/S kiss, whatever + however I fancied. So I went fluff *^_^* Erm, this started off 100% traditional, but after about 8 or ten hours of sketching, tracing, inking, painting + colouring, I got a bit PC-happy. Forgive me? I mean, enjoy! I hope it makes you as happy as your fic made me.
Pairing(s): RL/SB
Rating: PG, quite tame if you don't mind slash. Otherwise, what're you doing here?! Shoo!
Link or LJ cut: Original Sketch + Final Multimedia Jumble.


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