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August 4th, 2005

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02:10 pm - Fic for Skmarrama

A thousand apologies for being late. I was away at camp.

Title:Clear Futures
Summary/Subject matter:: Sirius, James, and Lily, from L/J's wedding to Harry's birth.
Pairing(s)::Lily/James, Sirus/OC


Sirius fussed with the uncomfortable collar of his dress robes, but he had to smile as he saw the laughing face of his best friend. James had his arm around his new wife, Lily, and they were talking animatedly to Remus and Peter. His girlfriend Victoria was talking amongst her and Lily’s other friends, and Sirius was alone. He leaned against a column near the side of the large room, filled to the brim with his friends, and his old professors. He fingered a small felt covered box in his pocket as all the women congregated in the center of the room, and Lily, looking beautiful in her wedding dress, climbed up to a small balcony. Holding a bouquet of carnations in her hands, she turned, her back to the crowd of women, and tossed the flowers down. Victoria, her long brown hair bouncing, jumped into the air and caught the small bunch of flowers.

Sirius felt his stomach drop. He was going to do it tonight anyway, but now it took on a special poignancy. He quickly composed himself, a smile on his face, and crossed the large reception hall, and took Victoria in his arms for a hug. Then he got down on one knee.


Three Months Later


The mahogany coffin was beautiful, and the woman inside even more so, but she was cold; lifeless. Her long brown hair, never so composed in life, was flawless, framing the empty face. Her arms were crossed over her chest, holding an equally preserved white flower. Depending on the angle, you could see a flash from a diamond ring on her finger.


Four Months Later


Sirius sat alone in the quaint living room of James and Lily’s small two story home in Godric’s Hollow. His long dark hair fell into his eyes as he looked at the new cream carpeting, causing him to unconsciously raise his hand to brush it away, clearing his vision once more. Lily’s tinkling laugh rang from the kitchen where she was preparing dinner, and James’s deep one joined hers as he came through the door, a book in his hand, his wand tucked behind his ear, mostly hidden in the messy black hair that covered his head.

“What’s so funny?” Sirius asked, trying to sneak a look at the book in his best friend’s hand. James moves his hand to cover the title. His hand inched slowly to his wand. If I can distract him with my eyes, maybe I can-

“Expelliarmus!” James always had a faster hand for spell work, and as a result, he now held Sirius’s wand next to own. “Later, Padfoot. It’s a secret until the misses decides it isn’t.”

Sirius put on a pouty face, and immediately tried “the puppy dog eyes,” but it was only half-hearted. Everything Sirius did was half-hearted these days. The other half of his heart had been laid to rest in the coffin with Victoria.

“Padfoot, you should well know that doesn’t work on me,” James smiled, and he placed the book on the coffee table, face down, title still hidden. Sirius was a tad bit indignant. His best friend, sharing things with his wife before him! They were the Marauders! It was unheard of! But then, Sirius thought, a tear forming in his eye, James was the only married Marauder.

He got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen. Lily, beautiful as always, was standing in front of the stove, stirring some sort of sauce. Lily was quite adept at charms, and could have cooked the whole meal in seconds with a flick of her wand. But cooking was the one thing she refused to touch with magic, no matter how much anyone complained about how hungry they were or how long it was taking. But then, thought Sirius, Lily’s cooking always did taste extra- special.  He would be hard pressed to tell what it was that made it different, but there was something there that magically cooked food just didn’t have.

She turned from the stove, a smile on her face. She wiped her forehead with her arm, leaving behind a trail of flour. “Get the biscuits out of the oven for me, would you?”

Sirius crossed the kitchen and grabbed the biscuits from the oven, being careful to find some oven mitts. Last time he had been and Lily and James’s, he’d forgotten about her lack of magic use and reached in barehanded. He hadn’t been able to hold a wand for two days. He reached up into the cupboards and grabbed a large bowl. Lily tossed him a towel, which he looked at quizzically. “For the bowl, Padfoot, it keeps the biscuits warm.” Right. He probably hadn’t noticed the towel last time, what with the second degree burns and all.

Lily came over and reached up above him into the cupboard, grabbing three bowls. She spooned out equal portions of pasta that he had somehow not noticed, then poured on the sauce she had been working on. Lily carried her and her husband’s bowls, while Sirius followed behind with the remaining dish and the biscuits. James had set the table while Sirius had helped in the kitchen. He came over and kissed his wife on the cheek, while taking the bowls from her. The three of them sat down around the small square table. Sirius looked briefly at the empty chair. Lily and James shared a look. James set down his fork, and Lily did the same.

Sirius reached for a biscuit, slightly frowning at the serious expressions on their faces. He definitely didn’t want to talk about it anymore. “S’not poisoned, is it?”

Lily smiled, and James laughed. James’s laughter died and the three relapsed into that uncomfortable silence, broken only by the clinking of the forks that the two had again picked up.

“Wonderful meal, honey,” James said, for lack of anything else to say, just as much a sit was a compliment.

“Thank you dear,” Lily’s reply was automatic; both their thoughts were elsewhere. They finished the meal in silence; James cleaned and cleared away the dishes, while Lily brought out some choconut ice cream for desert,

She scooped a bit into each of their bowls; Sirius glanced at the empty chair again. He lazily took out his wand and removed the nuts from his ice cream, piling them onto his napkin. James looked sadly at his friend. He had always made them dance their way out before. Sirius’s eyes had lost their sparkle.

Lily put her hand on James’s shoulder, and he looked up at her. He didn’t know what he would do if he lost her. He looked at Sirius, who was now poking his ice cream disinterestedly.

“Sirius,” he began. James paused as he saw that haunted look in his friend’s eyes again. “Lily and I are having a baby.” Sirius’s eyes sparked and the fizzled out again.

“That’s wonderful! When is it due? Boy or girl?” His enthusiasm was genuine, but not whole. Lily smiled sadly at her friend.

“We want you to be its godfather,” she said, looking hopeful.

Sirius’s eyes sparked again, stronger this time. He looked alive again.


Four Months Later


Lily squeezed both James and Sirius’s hands. She gasped, and screamed a little. She gave James a murderous glare. “This hurts,” she ground out, digging her nails into James’s palm as another contraction hit.

“Nearly there, one more should do it,” the mediwitch told them all. James looked relieved. Sirius smiled. He would be the best godfather a child ever had. James’ son would be like his own; the child he and Victoria would never have. Lily gave one more enormous push, and a loud bawling filled the air. The mediwitch cleaned off the child, wrapped it in a blanket, and handed it to Lily. “Congratulations,” she told the three, “It’s a boy.” James looked fondly at Lily and child who shared her eyes.

“Looks remarkably like you, but he has Lily’s eyes,” Sirius remarked. James looked at his friend without seeing him. He was seeing a future with his wife and boy. Seeing himself sending his boy off to Hogwarts with Lily and Sirius. Sirius saw it too. He and James telling Harry (for that was Lily and James’s boy name) about all the secret passages in the school, all the ways to thoroughly break the rules without getting caught. He could see himself and James cultivating a new generation of Marauders. The three of them looked at Harry, not knowing what the future held for them all. Soon, two of them would be dead, betrayed by their friend, and Harry would be orphaned. Sirius wouldn’t be able to care for him, he too betrayed by their friend, and locked away in Azkaban. None of them knew Harry would grow up alone, none of them suspected Harry would grow up unloved, as surrounded by it as he was now.

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